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Cathedral student awarded over $110K in scholarship funding

In a word, “unbelievable.”

Anthony Vu is still in taking it all in after being selected for a $100,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship which will fund his post-secondary career at McMaster University starting this fall.

Established by Canadian philanthropist Seymour Schulich in 2012, Schulich Leaders is a $100-million entrance scholarship program for students entering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math undergraduate programs at participating universities in Canada and Israel. The program ensures that Canada’s top minds entering STEM disciplines will become the next generation of technology innovators.

This year, the Cathedral High School student was one of 100 recipients chosen, and will be studying computer science this September.

“Anthony Vu is a strong academic leader,” says nominator and Special Education Department Head Magenta Chernets.

Described as a “once in a teaching career kind of student,” Chernets makes a point to emphasize Vu’s “exceptional intelligence.”

“His innate appetite and thirst for knowledge and the ability to thoroughly understand course material and concepts is remarkable.”

“Anthony consistently thinks outside the box with his thought process,” says Chernets. “He has designed and created apps as well as written programs for computer competitions.”

Other extracurricular activities Vu has taken part in include ultimate frisbee, public speaking competitions, peer tutoring, FIRST robotics, and SHAD, a month-long summer program that allows Canada high school students to tackle real-world challenges using STEM application.

If that isn’t enough, Vu has been a volunteer at St. Patrick's Parish for over ten years.

And while his plate is always full, Vu continues to bring the same focused drive to each of his endeavours.

“It is all but guaranteed that this group will represent the best and brightest Canada has to offer,” says Schulich, noting that with university expenses covered they can “focus their time on their studies, research projects, extracurriculars, and entrepreneurial ventures.”

“Along with the monetary value of the Schulich Leader Scholarship recipients also gain access to exclusive networking and mentorship programs,” said Vu. “I am so grateful and would like to thank Mr. Seymour Schulich for this life-changing opportunity.”

In addition to the Schulich Scholarship, Vu was also a successful recipient of the Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship, which awarded him $10,000 to use towards his post-secondary career.

“I can say without a doubt that Anthony will continue grow even further at the post-secondary level, challenging his thinking in ways he has yet to experience,” said Chernets.

“He has so much untapped potential on a much deeper level and will thrive when surrounded with other young like-minded brilliant leaders.”

When asked what he hopes for his future, Vu gets witty.

“Become a trillionaire.”

We’re holding you to it.

Cathedral student awarded over $110K in scholarship funding