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2021/2022 Student Timetables are now posted!

myPath is now open for students to review their timetable for next school year.

The timetables are tentative, and some changes may still happen prior to commencement of classes in the fall. Counsellors worked to correct conflicts and as a result, students may notice changes to their course selections.

Some grade 12 students will notice a lunch scheduled in period 2 of second semester. This was necessary to accommodate students that selected a combination of French Immersion, AP Calculus and AP Science courses.

Semester 1 will be delivered in a quad-mester format. Periods 3 and 4 will be combined into block 3 - period 5 will become block 4

Timetable changes:

Due to the quad-mester format, the priority for timetable changes will be given to students that require changes to blocks 1 and 2, new registrations, or incomplete timetables.

Students can book a virtual meeting with their respective counsellors starting on September 1st through our CHS Guidance Bookings App found on mySite or the link posted on social media.

All meetings will be virtual and done on Teams until further notice. Students may only book one appointment at a time. Students must be ready for a Teams meeting during the designated time.

Counsellor Contact Information:

Mr. Filice
Grade 9 (A-K), Grade 10

Mrs. Fortino-Bataneat
Grade 9 (L-Z), Grade 11

Mr. Nordoff
Grade 12 and 12+