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A Brief Sports History . . .Cathedral Gaels

Cathedral has enjoyed a proud history of vibrant and successful athletic programs. For years, Cathedral football and basketball dominated the Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe area. Both teams have won multiple championships and have also succeeded at GHAC and OFSAA. In more recent years, Cathedral has become a powerhouse in a number of different sports including rugby, soccer, volleyball, and more!

Cathedral has long been represented by the "Gael", a Gaelic warrior of the Dark Ages native to Scotland and Ireland. Historically, the Gaels were a distinct ethnic group with their own culture and dialect of the Gaelic language. The Gaels were known for their fierce, competitive nature and were a force to be reckoned with after the Roman desertion of the British Isles in the fifth and sixth century. Cathedral is proud to be associated with such a noble group of warriors!

The "Blue and White" Song
the blue and white song

Blue and white are the traditional colours of the Cathedral Gaels. Here is
the "fight song" that goes with them:

Oh, see the blue and white,
Way down the field.
They're fighters all with heart,
That never yield.
Across that line they'll
. . . crash to victory.
For they must do or die
for old Cathedral High!

Get in there . . . fight,
you stalwart boys and girls in blue!
For you must not disgrace
this old school.

Get in there . . . fight,
you boys and girls of Cathedral High!
Get in there . . .
Fight, fight, fight!