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Cathedral's Resume and Job Services Club

We are here to help you learn how to find a job; No commitment and no cost!
Come out to our biweekly meetings in the library or use the helpful links below to make your own resume and start your job search.

Click on "Good Resume Template" below to start making your resume (Please note: to use the following templates you may be required to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer or use your school provided Office 365 account).

Links to jobs you might want:
Simply Click on the following links and then complete the search and application process that each requires for you to apply. It is always a good idea to dress nicely, have your resume in hand and go in person to the stores that you have applied to online. When you approach the staff simply tell them that you have already applied online and that you would like to introduce yourself to the manager.

Indeed ( ... )
Wal-Mart (
Shoppers Drug Mart (
Loblaws: Fortinos, No Frills (
Home Depot (
Lowes ( ...
McDonalds (
Wendy's ( ... )
Eastgate Mall (
Limeridge Mall ( ... )
A&W (