Our Story

The Cathedral High School Crest

The Cathedral High School crest is a testament to strong Catholic faith and dedication to scholarly activities that the school community possesses. The crest contains a burning lamp, an anchor, a heart, and a book with quill. These images respectively represent the virtues of faith, hope/fortitude, love/charity, and wisdom. A cross, representing the importance of our Catholic faith at the centre of our lives, sits in the middle of the crest.

The school motto, "Probitas et Scientia", located at the base of the crest is translated "Goodness/Uprightness and Knowledge". These are two words that we encourage all students and staff to integrate within their lives.


Cathedral High School History
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The history of Cathedral High School dates back to 1912 when high school classes leading to matriculation were offered to boys and girls by the Hamilton Separate School Board. Classes were held in two rooms at St. Mary’s school, located on Mulberry Street. Since St. Mary’s parish held the "Cathedra" or chair of the Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton, St. Mary’s was known as a Cathedral school. From this modest beginning, a strong Cathedral school community began to grow.

By 1921, student enrollment had significantly increased and students could no longer be accommodated at St. Mary’s. The boys’ classes were moved to the upper floor of St. Patrick’s school on East Avenue and Main St. The girls classes remained at St. Mary’s school.

In 1925, the Separate School Board authorized the building of a new and larger building to meet the needs of the fast growing male student population at St. Patrick’s school. Catholic households were canvassed for donations by the Holy Name Men of the various parishes to help fund the building of the new school. In 1928, Cathedral Boys’ High School, the impressive Gothic building erected at the corner of Emerald and Main Street, was officially opened.

In the same year, the Girls’ School took over the space on the top floor of St. Patrick’s school and in the Club House across the street. The boys and girls shared the gym and science labs at Cathedral Boys’. Both students and Sister teachers crossed busy Main Street on a daily basis loaded down with books and even science equipment.

In September 1951, the Memorial Wing was added on to Cathedral Boys’. In 1955, the girls moved into their new building on Main Street two blocks east from Cathedral Boys’. In 1964, the music room, biology lab and a staff room were added on to Cathedral Girls’ High School.

Cathedral Boys’ and Cathedral Girls’ as two separate sites, met the educational needs of the Catholic community in the central part of the city until 1992. In that year, the two schools were joined into one school - Cathedral High School.chs

The new school brought amalgamation and new progress. Cathedral High has the Boards French Immersion program, a state of the art ESL program, as well as the Academic, Applied and locally developed courses to meet the needs of the pupil. Cathedral High School has also programs in the technologies including Food Services, as well as Art, Drama and Music. The Physical Education program is also extensive. It has teams in all the sports and has one of the largest high school gymnasiums in the country. Cathedral’s tradition of service, caring, compassion and striving for excellence is a source of pride and inspiration for future generations.


History of Cathedral High School's Principals

Many superb nuns, priests and lay men and women have led Cathedral High as Principal over the school's 100+ year history. These leaders were often responsible for Cathedral's continued existence in the midst of funding for Catholic Education in Ontario and helped the school to flourish in times of strength. Below is the list of Cathedral Girls', Cathedral Boys', and Cathedral High (combined campuses in 1992) Principals:

Cathedral Girls' High School (1928-1991)

Sister Marguerite, 1928-1937
Sister Celestine, 1937-1942
Sister Eusebia, 1942-1948
Sister Shiela, 1948-1965
Sister Marina, 1965-1972
Sister Ambrose, 1972-1980
Ms. Wilma Scherloski, 1980-1991

Cathedral Boys' High School (1913-1991)

Dr. J.M. Bennett, 1913-1918
Mr. P.W. Sheridan, 1918-1921 and 1929-1936
Brother Austin, 1921-1924
Father P.L. O'Brien, 1924-1929
Father J.A. O'Brien, 1936-1937
Father B.W. Harrigan, 1935-1946
Father J.E. Noonan, 1946-1949
Father B.J. Ryan, 1949-1953
Father E.A. Lawlor, 1953-1955
Father J.A. Mattice, 1955-1960
Father V.H. Cullaton, 1961-1966
Father J.F. Duffy, 1966-1970
Father P. Sherlock, 1970-1971
Father A.J. Kramer, 1971-1975
Mr. John McPhee, 1975-1981 and 1985-1990
Mr. Jim Daly, 1981-1985
Mr. John Valvasori, 1990-1991
Mr. Peter Narduzzi, 1991-1992

Cathedral High School (1992-present)

Mr. Peter Narduzzi, 1991-1997
Mrs. Nancy DiGregorio, 1997-2002
Mr. Lino Salciccioli, 2002-2007
Mrs. Ivana Fortino, 2007-2010
Mrs. Sara Cannon, 2010-2015
Mr. Mark Daly, 2015-2023
Mr. Kevin Monaco, 2023-present


Cathedral School Song

Walking to the morning
Smelling the dew fresh dawn
We listen to the quiet
To your whispering call

And in the hour of the day when we
Will sit in wonderment
Your eyes, dear Lord, will light the path
Your hands will lead the way

We will walk with courtesy
Sincerely do we care
With honour we'll defend your word
Dear Lord, please hear our prayer

It is here in old Cathedral
That we will share your smiles
And in these halls we have learned to love
Though we're here just for a while
And in these halls we have learned to love
Though we're here just for a while


Our Mission
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The mission of Catholic Education in Hamilton-Wentworth, in union with our Bishop, is to enable all learners to realize the fullness of humanity of which our Lord Jesus Christ is the model.

The Catholic Community of Hamilton-Wentworth believes the learner will realize this fullness of humanity

if the learning process

- begins at home and is part of family life
- is nurtured within the Parish
- is anchored in the Catholic Faith
- takes place within the context of worship, sacraments, and the life of the Church
- is enhanced by the school community
- is embraced by the learner as a personal responsibility for life

if learning takes place in an appropriate and challenging environment in which members of the school community exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ which reflects Gospel values and responsible use of human, financial and natural resources which promotes academic excellence and clear indicators of achievement.


Our Vision
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Learners from Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic Schools will demonstrate

- knowledge and practice of their Catholic faith model
- the capability of nurturing a strong family unit
- esteem, respect and responsibility for self and others
- academic competence
- the ability to listen accurately and express knowledge clearly
- independence, critical thinking and effective problem solving
- proficiency with technology in order to adapt to a changing world
- the values, attitudes and skills for effective partnerships
- the ability to transform our society

To enable learners to achieve this vision, the faith community of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board will reflect

- the centrality of Jesus Christ in our lives
- the teachings of the Catholic Church
- exemplary role models
- social justice, respect and fairness for all
- a dedicated staff
- a curriculum that is dynamic, practical and relevant
- high standards
- an environment conducive to learning
- effective partnerships
- accountability at all levels


Cathedral School Prayer

Most merciful God,

Grant me, I beseech Thee,
Ardently to desire,
Prudently to study,
Rightly to understand,
And perfectly to fulfill
That which is pleasing to Thee,
To the praise and glory of Thy Holy Name.